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"Original art for me is something spiritual and I truly believe that it can be soul-feeding. If my painting makes you feel a particular emotion... you can know that you're hearing the echo of what was poured into it. Every stroke of the brush and the flow of liquid paint is an outlet for love, peace, and joy. It's artistic therapy and self-expression." ~ Aykid Tiger  

Welcome to Aykid Tiger Galleries

Welcome to my art gallery! Here you will find original paintings. Please allow a couple weeks for your order to be processed as I AM only one human creating and shipping everything myself. All original paintings are secured to protect them from being deformed during their journey from my gallery to your doorstep. Each original painting is special to me and I personalize every order with a thank you note.


I ship internationally and all currencies are accepted. When you check out to place your order, the transaction will be processed through paypal. You do not need to have a paypal account to place your order.


For special offers and updates on new art coming to the store, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Shipping Information

Japan: 1-3 weeks

International: 2-6 weeks

depending on the mailing services in your country.


How do I check out?

After you have added items to your cart, click cart icon at the upper-right ( next to "SHOP" ). Once you are there, click "CHECKOUT" and you will be directed through paypal to select your method of payment and place your order.


Is my country's currency accepted?

Yes! All currencies are accepted, it will be converted when you checkout through paypal.

So and so is sold out, can you bring it back to the store?

Once the original paintings are sold out, they are gone forever and will not be created again. They can only exist once. They will also not be recreated. 

Between Summer and Snow
The Subconscious Mind
I Am of God
Love Blossoms
Multicolored Abstract Chakra Colors
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Before I Fall In Love -
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