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My name is Aykid Tiger. I'm a Filipino artist specializing in spiritual abstract painting. Most of my works represent as a tool for communication of the human soul, mind, body, and spirit. I love to express positive vibrations on my paintings. It is my goal to make  beautiful arts. When I create arts, I hope that the viewers will forget that they are looking at a painting and instead see an alternate reality. My paintings are meant to be read and analyzed. Symbolism is abundant in them. My arts contain feelings and emotions that resonates with the viewers. My paintings are effortless creations that touch the human heart. Beautiful forms and textures along with good composition and color result in a feeling of self expression without struggle. My paintings energetically excites and awakes the senses of  the viewers through vibrant colors giving each canvas it's own spirit. When I pick up a brush loaded with brilliant color, something magic begins to happen. The energy pulse in every brush stroke creates happy accidents guided by an unknown force that lets the painting create it's own destiny. I totally surrender to let the energy direct me.